We Love Humanity

We Love Humanity

Service to Humanity is the real service to the Divinity. Siddhashram is completely devoted to help, serve and guide the society through it’s various causes like educating the girls, animal welfare, food for all because we think that Compassion and Care for every creature is what makes an individual Human.
Raj Rajeshwar Guruji believes that, “The Biggest Religion is Serving Humanity” and hence, it’s one’s responsibility to help those in need.

Various big festivals like Diwali, Holi, Navratri and Shivratri are organized by Siddhashram so that a sense of togetherness, love and harmony prevail. Along with this, charity programs are a regular responsibility by us as a means to show our love and compassion for humanity. Cultural programs and activities at our center  to encourage people to sing and also learn to play varied instruments are also practiced consistently. We, opine that if god has been kind to us, it’s our responsibility to share our blessings with everyone around us to make this world a happy and harmonious place to live.

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