New Website Online

New Website Online

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As we know that Technology today has immense power to make a constructive impact on our society.

The New Website is an initiative of International Siddhashram Shakti Center to make an effective and efficient use of technology to reach a wide range of audience and make a positive impact in their lives.

Siddhashram is dedicated in various practices and prayers that help humanity in their spiritual journey. It’s is not only a place of worship but it’s a complete divine experience nourishing one’s Body, Mind and Soul.

We believe that Peace and Happiness are the ultimate Joy and Victory which man can only attain by following the path of spirituality and by living in harmony with every single creature on this planet. With this idea, Siddhashram Shakti Center organises wide range of activities from time to time along with spiritual practices like chanting of mantras, Bhajan, kirtan, Sadhnas, attaining Dikshas where people from all over the world enthusiastically participate and benefit from them.

Stay in touch with this website for all the updates and upcoming activities about the International Siddhashram Shakti Center.

Stay Positive, Stay Happy and that is what we call real Spirituality!

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